Why I love Anoushka G wedding dresses 3

Why I love Anoushka G Wedding Dresses

It is a dream of every woman to wear a designer dress on her wedding day. To wear a dress that has graced the like of Katherine Zeta Jones, Kim Kardashian and Audrey Hepbum on their special day is a surreal thing. These wedding dresses are classic, wonderful and elegant and every woman’s dream comes true. They have been designed by the most talented, Anoushka G. She has been acclaimed worldwide for her magnificent wedding dresses. She makes fairy tales look real with her artistic and fantastic wedding creations. This designer can make a swan out of an ugly duckling, if that is what the bride-to-be perceives herself.

Why I love Anoushka G wedding dresses

Now many women want to go a little crazy. By crazy I mean they want to be daring, revealing and raise a few eyebrows. For this purpose, off shoulder dresses are the perfect choice. They display your collar bones and the elegant line of your throat in full glory. You could emphasise this display of tantalising skin by wearing a choker or a simple gold pendant. Also, the soft curve of your shoulder is likely to draw eyes and hold attention on your dress. The groom may have a hard time keeping his eyes off of you too. It is a strong contrast and a glaring contemporary design that shows the perfect amalgamation of classic tradition with modern fashion. I personally favor the dreamy, soft lace or tulle jacket. It may be sequinned or have a motif embroidered on it. You could also go for a stylish lengthy ribbon belt that accentuates your waist and highlights your curves. This ribbon can be threaded through the train if you are wearing one, by simply adding an extra length of ribbon.

Why I love Anoushka G wedding dresses 2

If you wish to take attention from your slightly fat arms and back then you could opt for the elbow length sleeves and the key hole back. The beaded lace represents the classic wedding tradition of the bride being pure and the lace bodice with the full satin gown underneath offers a more modern romance. Off the shoulder dresses are highly popular and are considered a part of this year’s top ten wedding dresses collection. So, you should definitely give them a try. If you are proud of your collar bones and your chest, then having your wedding gown off-the-shoulder can give them the maximum exposure and perhaps show off a lovely simple necklace which could be an heirloom. With V-neck wedding dresses, you can clip a brooch and draw attention to it. This attachment is better with no necklace however, as both may compete for your guest’s attention and detract from you as a bride.

Why I love Anoushka G wedding dresses 3

Shoes that just peep from under the wedding dress are very much favored. They can be open-toed if you have pretty toes, closed in or even sandals. You are advised to take your shoes with you when you go to try on wedding dresses so as to learn whether the dress will need hemming or not. A heel that is comfortable to you is recommended as you will be dancing at least one dance.

Why I love Anoushka G wedding dresses 4

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