White and Blue Painted Wedding Shoes from NICOLE

Having a Themed Wedding?
These fabulous shoes are painted by hand by Karen nora. She has many designs available, including one of my favorite genres of art, Art Deco. You have to see what it true that great wedding portraits feet that are so popular now believes it.Imagine with some of their shoes! What a memory. Here is my new design on white shoes. They come in dyeable, Peep Toe Pumps flats and high heels.
This white wedding shoes can be customized to your needs such as purple, lime, blue, green or dark blue in different colors just to give you some ideas that your dress, dress, outfit or theme to do justice. They are for one night, party, wedding or simply to beautifully from the crowd. This design was created and displayed by image Dyeable Debutante. If you want a lower heel, is the best option to Gala Dyeable also your favorites in the notes of the seller.

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