What Type of Wedding Dresses Suit Which Type of Figure 3

What Type of Wedding Dresses Suit Which Type of Figure

What type of figure does you have Slender, Voluptuous, and Pear-shaped? It really does not matter, as there are wedding dresses which will suit any type of figure, including those which are extreme.  So, if you think you’ll never find a dress that suits you exactly for your big day, don’t start panicking. It can be disappointing to see wedding dresses displayed that you would love to wear, but there is no need to despair. Since the Internet has been in existence, you can buy pretty much anything you desire, and that includes wedding dresses, online. See the best figure in the below image. If you have such, you can wear wedding dress like this.

What Type of Wedding Dresses Suit Which Type of Figure

So you have a big bust? Smaller-cheated girls are usually envious of their better-endowed sisters, so show your bust-line off with pride if you want to. If you desire to show to advantage your assets, then choose a wedding dress which does not cover the chest area. This does not mean that you have to bare all. You just either hint at what you have, or display it tastefully. There are plenty of ways to do this.

What Type of Wedding Dresses Suit Which Type of Figure 2

The first design is a square neckline. This follows your neck down as far into your cleavage as you would wish, but still looks very classy. Left plain, or with interesting pleats, this type of neckline draws attention away from the length of the dress and can be set perfectly by a deep-coloured stone or stones on a golden necklace to give it the finishing touch. Or perhaps you might pin an old brooch (something old) in the middle of the neckline. This look would be better without any necklace, apart from a pearl choker or a contrasting piece of silk ribbon. Even a fresh flower such as a rose or a small orchid can make this de collage fantastic. You can take an idea of your neckline and wedding dress that will suit you from the below image.

What Type of Wedding Dresses Suit Which Type of Figure 3

A V-neckline will draw attention to your cleavage, so ensure it has no pimples or unsightly skin and glows with health. A light tan, if you are wearing white, will make you look gorgeous, but fake tans can be excellent too. Just make sure the tan is set before you pull your wedding dress on so as to avoid leaving marks. You can team a V-neckline with long sleeves, puffy little cap sleeves or even sleeveless with long gloves. The choice is up to you. This look also is great with toned, slender arms shown off by the absence of sleeves, perfect hands and emphasis on the nails. Nail art can also look great with sleeveless wedding dresses.

What Type of Wedding Dresses Suit Which Type of Figure 4

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses can minimize or emphasize a broad bust line, so be careful when choosing this style from the wedding dresses available.  Having nothing above the bust-line looks classy, but it will depend on what the state of your upper chest is in. No one wants to see redness from sunburn, pimples and acne are not good, and you should be very careful with fake tans and make-up. If you are pear-shaped, this is not a style that is really recommended, unless there is not much difference between your bust and your hips. The trick here is to make the bottom of the wedding dress considerably plainer than the top and most of the attention will be drawn to the bodice of the dress.

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