Wedding Reception Style


Wedding reception is usually held after the wedding ceremony. The wedding guests traditionally attend the wedding reception to help the newly married couple celebrate their union, and to toast their future health and happiness as they move forward through life together. The wedding reception is a very individual event, and differs greatly from marriage to marriage. The main thing to consider when planning a wedding reception is what sort of event would be best for both the married couple and their respective friends and family.

Places for Wedding Reception

One of the styles of the wedding reception is the on water wedding reception. This wedding reception is held on the cruise. The wedding couple who has the water hobby may use this celebration in order to let the guests now that they are love water so much and wanted to share the beauty of the water such sea. This wedding reception style is may held on the pool to save the money. The couple may organize the pool as the same to the sea by apply the cruise decoration beside the pool.

Happy Wedding Reception

To save the money, many wedding couple held a simple wedding reception, such as make wedding reception music. On this wedding reception, the couple only serves the simple food and beverage to the guests and makes a mini live music concert. It is best to consider the sort of music that the couples like, and that the family, friend and other guests like. Upbeat, positive, and “happy” music in general is the way forwards for any successful wedding reception. The most things from this style are that, the couple only need to held the party at home. The couple may use the dance floor down just in case that the guests and the wedding couple want to dance on the dance floor to make the party feel friendly on the wedding reception.

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