Wedding Reception Rituals: is It The Truth?


Wedding Reception Rituals is Fun

When attending wedding party, maybe we are confused with wedding reception rituals. Wedding reception ritual from one place may be different to other place. The wedding reception rituals are something that should be done and cannot be avoided during the wedding party. The types of wedding reception rituals are also various; it depends on bridal couple desire.

Example of Wedding Reception Rituals

One of the most popular wedding reception rituals is the cake smooching. This wedding reception rituals begins when the bride or groom smooching the first piece of weeding cake to other’s face. It is a playful way to cut a little bit of cake. It is the formality of the cake slicing ceremony. But, this wedding reception rituals is so awkward and potentially can ruin the wedding dress. No one knows when this ritual got started. Initially, maybe it was just for fun, but nowadays it is like a tradition that cannot be avoided in wedding ceremony.

The next wedding reception ritual is the bouquet toss. Like cake smooching rituals, no one knows when the bouquet toss ritual got started. In this ritual, the bride stands back the guests and tosses the bouquet of flower that has been arranged well for her wedding party to the guests. Then, the guests that are standing in the back of bride are ready to catch it. They are ready to snatch away that bouquet of flower. They believe that whoever gets that bouquet, she will be the next bride. It means that she will get married soon. But, how if children or old women who get it? We do not know! Wedding reception rituals is strange, sometime.

Wedding reception rituals are various. The rituals can be different from one place to others. Many people believe those wedding reception rituals and they think that it is a must rituals in wedding ceremony, but for other people it is just something that is for having fun. Believe it or not, it is up to you. Wedding reception rituals is just for fun.

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