Wedding Dresses In Pastel Colors

The wedding dresses are always the white masters, it is logical that it should, but why not also consider the option of wearing a colorful dress? Fashion trends for 2013 speak of very delicate colors for the bride, pastel colors and feminine floral prints, perfect for a spring or summer wedding, for example. Among the many who have proposed Maison wonderful clothes in shades of blue, and of blue, powder pink or pink, primrose yellow and teal highlight the atelier of heme and heme Aimèe the studio, but also Oscar De La Renta or Rosa Clara dresses have included soft pastel colors in their collections. A choice, one of the wedding dress in light shades, which allows those who do not love the white, “dare” but do not overdo it. A red wedding dress will in fact fire also of great visual impact, but it is not suitable for all!

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