Wedding Dresses In Different Countries 2

Wedding Dresses In Different Countries

Every bride looks gorgeous on her special day, but some from different countries seem to look more spectacular than others. Not that is is true, but a traditional Indian bride is eye-catching because of her country’s style of wedding dresses. In some countries, the bridegroom actually looks better than his bride, but these are rare indeed. All over the world, wedding dresses are beginning to copy from the Western world these days. So what is a traditional wedding dress in some countries?

Irish Wedding Dresses

The Irish are rapidly coming to the fore with the styles and designers of their wedding dresses. Although based on the traditional all-white, a lot of Irish designers Victoria Layne go for the simplistic but fabulous design. Justin Alexander showcases lace and satin, but also has a lot of peplum amongst his creations. Neither of these designers is Irish, surprisingly, but have a big following there.

Wedding Dresses In Different Countries

Romanian Wedding Dresses

These outfits in older days were a richly embroidered shirt, usually white, a skirt, also embroidered and an apron. The headgear was a very complicated arrangement of simple flowers or a type of hat and veil. The sewing which went into the outfit was exquisite and showcased a worthy talent from the bride as to how well she could sew. Many of them were completely handmade.

Wedding Dresses In Different Countries 2

German Wedding Dresses

Germans quite often have a smaller civil service before the “real” wedding. A German Church official does not have the legal power to marry two people. This is also the rule in other parts of the European world also. In this case, the civil ceremony is performed, then the church wedding, if it is wanted, follows some days later. The bride dresses neatly and nicely for the legal ceremony, but not in a proper wedding dress. The ceremony in the church, however, is where all the style and pomp are shown, although there may not be any bridesmaids or best men. A flower girl is often used. Again, as in Ireland, wedding dresses are beginning to make a large impression in Germany. Originally, white was not for a bride there.

Wedding Dresses In Different Countries 3

Zambia Wedding Dresses

Zambia brides are others who do not choose white as a color for their wedding dress, unless they are having a modern wedding. Wedding dresses in Zambia are traditional, made with beautifully cut decorated material. The dress is complemented by large dangling earrings and a necklace that may be some type of metal or a symbol of the tribe she belongs to. Her attendants may wear hats or head coverings if they so wish but the bride often only has a white woven rope around her forehead. The hair is braided or held back from the face.

Russian Wedding Dresses

Often the headdress of a traditional Russian bride was more elaborate than her dress itself. Russian wedding dresses were of good quality material, but also practical, so they could be used again for some other purpose. Chosen colors were often darker than the usual, and not pastel. red with some type of embroidery was a favorite choice.

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