Wedding Dress Shapes for Bride


Wedding dress shapes for the brides dress is entirely dependent on the bride’s figure. Since every woman has different type of body, then certain wedding dress shapes will suit them better than the other women. To pick wedding dress shapes, the brides may take a look in to the film star, or look at the star’s wardrobe designers which are suit to the bride’s body.

Types of The Dress Shapes

There are many type of the wedding dress shapes model, such as the A-Line wedding shapes. This type of the wedding shapes is fitted to the Petite or full-figured brides, short waists. This type is a vertical seams running down the length of garment. The simple lines of an a-line dress can make a small bride look taller and a full figured bride’s one slimmer. It is also flattering for the pear-shaped, especially with a lower waistline. But if the bride who has a thick waist and hourglass body figures, this A-Line wedding dress shapes is not suit since the dress will end up looking straight and will emphasizes the waist.

The Empire Line to The Mermaid Model

The next type o the wedding dress shapes is the Empire line. This model is tight beneath the bust and is higher than the a-line cut of cloth. The seam lies just beneath the bust to make the body get more structure look. This empire line wedding dress shapes is much fitted to the petit bride figure, has a larger waist and gets a small bust.

The other wedding dress shapes dress is the mermaid shapes model. Mermaid dresses have a kick at the bottom where the fabric is much fuller. The top of these dresses can be like sheath dresses, but they flare out below the knee, putting more emphasis on the curves above. Fishtails tend to have most of the flaring to the back of the dress, with mermaid it is very evident in front too. They are invariably quite figure-hugging model. So, then which type of body do you have? You should try to pick one of the model wedding dress shapes.

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