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Wedding Cupcake & Mini Cupcake

We finally had a chance to sample tasting some yummy wedding cupcake.  We came to conclude that we will use cupcake fir our wedding for 3 reasons.

First, there would be less waste in left over cakes that eventually go to dumpster. With cupcakes, guest can simply bring the cupcake home if they don’t finish the cake at the reception.

Second, cupcake is cheaper.  Roughly each cupcake costs less than $3/piece, compared to $5 or $6/piece of traditional wedding cake.  With mini cupcake, the cost is as low as $1.5/piece.  Ideally for those are budget conscious but also want to make a nice presentation on the cake stand.

Third, you can easily customize cupcakes whether to make them that blends with your wedding theme or create them with different favours. The choice is unlimitedly creative.

What would you to design for your wedding cupcake & mini cupcake?

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