Wedding Color on The Wedding Day


Wedding color will be one of the serious things to arrange on the wedding day. The wedding color then, used to accent the wedding day such as their decoration, but today, the wedding color is not only used to cover everything in the wedding day such as the chairs, tables, altar, and so on but also to reflects the feeling of the bride and the groom.

Colors and The Meaning

Every color supposes to have its own meaning, such as the Diamond white. This color reflects the purity, privilege, and modernity. So, when the bride selects to use this tone wedding color, it may bring her to the purity and shows that she loves modernity. The color is Ivory; this tone wedding color reflects the elegance, old-world, soft spoken. So, then, if the brides want to look elegant in the wedding day as the wedding color, she may choose the ivory tone color to blow up her elegance to the guests. The next color which also may apply in the wedding day as the wedding color is the lavender wedding color tone. This tone color usually appears to the traditional looking cakes and floral. This wedding color will blow up the happiness to the brides and the grooms, besides the couple also will pour up by the sense of fun and playfulness.

Colors Bring The Happiness

Different to the bold color, such as hot pink wedding color which will bring the girl power look to the brides. The passionate, dramatic, dripping with desire, high highs will come together to cheering up the wedding party.  If the brides or the grooms love the shining color they also may apply the other wedding color which holds its own meaning. Such as the yellow color, as all the people knows that this tone color shows the optimism, cheerfulness and a strong appreciation of the friendship. But, whatever the color, it will be suitable as the wedding color.

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