Wedding Ceremony With Flowers

On the day of your wedding, there are few things more romantic than walking a corridor covered in rose petals. Camille Hugh Wallace, founder and CEO of Happy petal, which was very vision for their wedding, but soon to mention frustrated with the costs and expenses, the petals, not the risk of staining her dress. With the help of her fiance, she was smart and came up with their own solution: a pre-rolled petaled path runner.It only in one piece, shows a course with tens of thousands of life-like petals of fabric firmly attached to a carrier covered with the floating Camille in a bed of rose petals. Born After much positive feedback after the marriage was Petal Happy. Each petal is hand-made carpet and roll just a non-chaos, portable alternative to the real flower petals. Petal Happy creates custom aisle runner, Pavilion petal petal carpets and cut-outs in 12 different colors.

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