Wedding Bouquet for The Beautiful Brides


Wedding bouquet for many years personifies the beauty, perfection and pleasure of the nature. Wedding bouquet consists of kind or may kinds of flower which will give the good feeling to every person who sees or has the flower on their hands. Since the flower creates the very good essence to the user, then the essence of the wedding bouquet is not far from the essence of the flower. Then, many of the brides try to decorate the perfect wedding bouquet on their wedding day.

How to Choose?

To choose the wedding bouquet type is not difficult. The brides only combined it to the wedding dress, wedding theme, and the wedding color. But it is important to the brides to remember the height of the body in order to get the suitable size. The wedding bouquet has many variations on the model and the price. In the wedding stores, the wedding bouquet is quite expensive, and then if the brides want to save the money, the brides may arrange the wedding bouquet by the brides.

How to Create The Wedding Bouquet

The first step to make the wedding bouquet is to strip the stems the flower, don’t forget to remove the excess foliage or thorns. Attach this wired pearl to a robust flower, like a rose, or the other kinds of rose which you like to be applied in the wedding bouquet by winding the wire around the stem. After the good looking appearance come the wedding bouquet you may repeat this with about five more blooms, then gather the stems together in a spiral arrangement, placing each stem in at a 45 degree angle. It’s important for the finished look to ensure that the pearls are distributed evenly throughout the arrangement. Adding some small beads is also able to be applied in order to make the perfect look on the wedding bouquet.

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