Unique Wedding Dress with Hello Kitty Idea

Hello Kitty I grow out of when I was seven years old, but I think some girls are not too old for this white cat from Japan Sanrio. Japanese brides have adorned the money for kitsch, the cap of $ 4,000 for a rüschig pink dress with Hello Kitty face. And if that’s not enough for the hardcore fan, you can apparently get an entire wedding party on Hello Kitty Daiichi Hanyu hotel chain conducted in Japan. Wedding packages cost between $ 8,717 – $ 22,275.
Sanrio is not the only company to offer weddings cartoon theme for the child bride. Last year, Disney launched a series of wedding gowns for women who want to see their favorite fairy tale princess on their wedding day to feel. Disney Princess the most expensive wedding dress is a thousand dollars cheaper than the Hello Kitty wedding dress and I think that’s because the Disney clothes much less poofy and look busy.

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