Unique Creation of Eli Saab

Eli Saab was in Lebanon to 4 Born in July 1964. Since the age of 6, he shows his design talent. His parents were to guess that he has become a cesspool, and they were partly right. No doubt, the little Eli imaging is saying that he lead in the long road to world fashion in all its splendor and glory. In 1982, when he was 18 years old until he starts his own mark in Beirut, and a year before studying fashion in Paris. His search for the World Fashion platforms is part of the culture of his own country, where fashion and men are considered to be overshadowed completely incompatible. The conditions for the continuation of the Civil War, he has to stop several times, in his newly opened studio work. These obstacles are the factors that moderate style of the designer, who rarely achieved some extreme from one another. The discretion in fashion design from Saab that sometimes leads to the necessary provocation that often slips from the current developments makers. One of the essential elements required for each collection is the presence of a fairy tale wedding toilet, which is always the cherry on the cake and at the same time – a unique creation of Saab.
The Fashion Week in Rome serves as a stepping stone to the career of Saab. He has become one of the top fashion collection presentation with the fact that the organizers were the fashion show by fashion-Eli reviews in Paris and Switzerland invited impressed. He was the first non-Italian fashion designer in the history of the Alta Moda in Rome and more – he recognizes the great responsibility he takes. But his success does not come too late, and he takes his place among the great names of he world fashion industry. It happens in 1997. In the following years he created a special assembly in Milan. Only a few months later, he was an amazing fashion show in Monaco with the support of Prince Stephan. In the U.S., the good star when Saab Holly Berry appeared dressed in his towel during the ceremony for the awarding of the Oscars in 2002. This is true even if it receives an award for best actress. Brave and slightly conservative in the meantime it is possible the clothing, the attention of the fashion experts detect due to the sensitive silhouette, beautiful ornaments and the purple color that suits ideally the stunning Holly Berry.

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