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Top wedding dresses celebrity For Less

Katie Holmes Power couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise put on as big as their blockbuster names in late 2006 top wedding dresses celebrity. And bride Katie put on a dress as elegant as her wedding. Designer Giorgio Armani fashioned five different teams for weekend wedding of Katie, but none could top the beauty of the top wedding dresses celebrity itself. Described by Katie as “sheer and floating”, the couture creation was decorated with white lace on neckline off- the- shoulder neckline and a line. Think you can not find a dress to match? Think again! Eugenia Couture has designed a less expensive version of the dress. With the same line of fall and romantic rose apply waist, can be seen as Mrs. Tom Cruise.

Gwen Stefani This rockin ‘ beauty ‘ is nothing if not unique! Gwen style is fun, funky, and fashionable. So there was no doubt that her wedding dress would be a work of arte. She married singer Gavin Rossdale in the fall of 2002, wearing a dress by John Galliano as Dior. But he added his own touches the bottom of the dress dyed hot pink! You can add your own flare to any simple top wedding dresses celebrity, white wedding dyeing it.

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