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Top wedding dress designers 2013

Top wedding dress designers 2013 bring winds of change, innovation and satisfy the desires of all types of bride: romantic, modern, classic, feminine. Today we will make a trip around the world in search of the top wedding dress designers 2013. Several renowned international designers promise to dazzle us with their new bridal collections and we provide trends, patterns and designs that start us sighs. Are you ready for this amazing tour of the best wedding dresses?

Wedding Dresses 2013 Vera Wang’s hand

Vera Wang resonates in every corner of the planet, is the designer of top celebrities and models have been seen in movies such as Sex and the City and shows like Gossip Girl. The collection of wedding gowns 2013 models dazzles with red , raw color in this collection, and with super modern designs and full of movement . The choice of the range of the red (scarlet, crimson, cherry, burgundy) is not a whim of the designer but it is inspired by the Chinese tradition of brides dress red as a symbol of good luck. This collection of top wedding dress designers 2013 is definitely ideal for modern brides looking for something different!

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