Convertible Wedding Dress - Top 2013 Wedding Dress Style

Top Ten Wedding Dress Style in 2013 – Convertible

Top Ten Wedding Dress Style in 2013 brings you the next design, a convertible wedding dress.  A convertible wedding dress is like 2 for 1 design for the brides.  A formal gown you wear at the ceremony and the same dress for the reception that can coordinate is the key feature for a convertible wedding dress.

For some convertible dresses, you can simply remove the skirt, or the outer layer.  These dresses bring you the convenience to change for the proper venue, and yet still provide good taste of style and fashion. Collections from Reem Arca, Larzo and Liz Fields are shown below to inspire you some beautifully crafted convertible wedding dresses.


Inspired by SYPhotography, Pamela’s Love, Reem Arca Collection, Larzo Collection, Best Bridal Prices

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