Tips How to Make Perfect Wedding

1. Enough time to plan your wedding
The more time available, the better, so you have enough energy to solve unforeseen problems. The best time is about three months.

2. Choose a place familiar to your guests
A wedding should be fun for you and your guests. Make sure the location is easily accessible. Consider also, if you hold an outdoor party, is a plan not in the rainy season.

3. Prepare your bridesmaid and groomsmen
Do not assume everyone knows what to do at the time of marriage. It seems trivial, but there are some people who had never been involved in previous marriages. Talk to them, so each is what to expect when you are not sure, read labels known book.

4. Make sure before the flowers at your wedding, not two nights and three days later.
Flowers can be the most expensive part of a marriage, but also romantic, fragrant and beautiful way to build a charming atmosphere. Read bloom florist, the circuit and would not wither and flowers.

5. Eat enough of your wedding day
It sounds trivial, but often the bride is excited so that they do not eat or can not. All parties need to eat something. If you want a lot for a long time with an empty stomach, you have probably fallen into a swoon!

6. Make sure that the University (runner), that you go out and mounted flat screen clean
Most are not. Usually rug (runner), from the roll and laid before the ceremony. Impressive, especially when mounted flat on the carpet on the other.

7. Indulgence and abstinence, consider your guests
If you plan a menu, think about what people can and can not eat. An alternative menu, so there are opportunities for people who have allergies, dietary rules, religion or other personal reasons.

8. Select a song to be enjoyed by all people
Music is the greatest motivation, and to choose songs to play in your reception area, make sure the music for all age groups. This creates an atmosphere that builds energy.

9. Enjoy your wedding
This is the strongest opinion.
A wedding is a declaration to the public about the personal feelings. This is your presentation as well as a world partner.

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