The Philosophy of The Wedding Ring


The Wedding Ring’s History

Probably, there are many people who ask themselves ‘what is the wedding ring for, what is the importance of wedding ring, or why ring has to be prepared in wedding?’ For those people, these questions are asked so often. They want to know the reasons why people have to wear the wedding ring. Actually what is the symbol of wedding ring? This article will explain you the wedding ring.

The wedding ring formerly was introduced by Greek in 332 B. C. At the time, it was called ‘vena Amoris’ and Roman called it ‘vein of love’. In the early Rome, the wedding ring was the iron that was adopted as a metal choice. It symbolized the strength of man’s love for his chosen woman. Nowadays, the wedding ring is associated with the symbol of the joining man and woman as husband and wife in the institution of marriage.


The Symbol of The Wedding Ring

The shape of all rings, not only the wedding ring is circle. The shape of this wedding ring symbolizes the eternity. The hole in the center is not only the space, but it also symbolizes something. It is the symbol of gate or door leading to things and events both know and unknown. It is not difficult to see the wedding ring is associated with love since the wedding ring is given to someone who loved. By giving the wedding ring to his bride, he expects that they will be together ever after and the eternity of their loves will be realized.

In the wedding ceremony, the wedding couple wears the wedding rings to each other. They wear it on the third finger of the left hand. They wear the wedding ring on this finger because they believe that the vein of that finger traveled from heart directly.  Now, you already knew the symbol of the wedding ring.

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