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The kinds of 1920’s Old Style Wedding Dresses

Old style wedding dresses was the top-end most famous dressing style in Great Britain at the times. Every bridal couples were very excited in using this style. But, not all couples could wear this style in their wedding ceremony because these dresses were only worn by the kingdom. So, there are a lot of people who rarely know about this. By reading this article, hopefully can help people in this century in giving a reference to their wedding plan.


1922 Old style wedding dresses by Evelyn Griffith

This Old style wedding dresses by Evelyn Griffith is a long white crowned-gown with long ribbon hanging on the crown. The style of this dress is just like a kind of an evening gown but actually it isn’t. This dress has a flowery corsage circling in the waist of the bride; it’s meant that it is a wedding dress. A ball of flowers is also held by the bride. The typical characteristic of this wedding dress is in its cloak and its wonderful diadem. The crown style is adapted from American dressing style. This dress is really smooth and comfortable to wear.


1922 silhouetted Old style wedding dresses

The next Old style wedding dresses is kind of silhouetted slightly long dress with drop waist. It is simpler than Evelyn’s but has a cute color and figure. This dress has a wide neckline and shows the shoulder to make a sensual sense. This dress also makes a new way in how the shape of wedding dresses is; it breaks the ancient style of long sleeves wedding dress into short one. Not all parts of previous wedding dress style are changed; the famous fashion of hemline is still shown in this dress.


Those two types of dresses are the most popular dressing style in 1922. These dresses show up the glamorousness of wearing wedding dresses. The best thing of this is that there is no way to forget Old style wedding dresses.

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