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Oscar de la Renta Design Simple Frill Skirt Wedding Dress

This beautiful gown by Oscar de la Renta is not open for the shy and withdrawn Bride (bride or the budget £ 7,100), with its red carpet style full skirt with layers and layers of ruffles ruffle strapless top. The size is perfect for those looking to hide their hips and legs because they want to cover the edge, while ...

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Unique and Traditional Wedding Dress Design from Anne Avantie

Anne Avanti is a designer who specializes in modern baju kebaya. She is from Indonesia and one of the leaders in its field. Here is a design, like the cover of the classic kebaya push silhoutte.Ah Anne, here is a more traditional look kebaya shows. Except noticed that instead of the normal sleeve, it uses an arm floating fringes (for ...

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Elegant Style as a Wedding Dress with Modern Kebaya

While many brides who choose a wedding dress designer collections with world famous, but there are some who prefer a traditional wedding dress for the wedding, such as kebaya. By wearing a traditional wedding dress is a great way to pay tribute to your culture and your country. Most women prefer the traditional kebaya dress of the bride over the ...

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