Stiletto Heel Wedding Shoes Protectors

This year’s top selling accessories for women, top celebrities have already been in hot pursuit. This flexible heel stoppers in translucent plastic with a subtle sheen detail, suitable for most heels and prevent heel into the turf at weddings, barbecues, garden parties and other events to sink in the open. Just slip to only one package of Clean Heels are at the head of the heels. The tube protects the heel and mud stains can be reduced to the desired depth. No matter how much your shoes cost, nobody wants that sinking feeling on a particular day! When they are reusable and come in their own beautiful organza bag, they are just perfect for setting other pop into your heels in your closet handbag. Available in sizes Petite, small, and it fits fine for most heels. A large temporary measure to an annoying problem, we avoid all events that have occurred in the open. They are also asked to wear “Clean Heels” all masters at all National Trust and Heritage Home Statley events, protect the soil.

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