Spring Wedding Dress as a Romantic Dress


Spring wedding dress feels utterly as a romantic and feminine dress. The spring wedding dress is usually as a floral dress details, features of lace, lightweight fabrics and a blush hue color. The spring wedding dress is very suitable for the romantic couple who will show off the romanticism of their love to the guests.

Spring Wedding Dress Theme

The spring wedding dress is resembled to the full color wedding dress. The spring wedding dress color must be very fresh look to show the essence of the spring theme itself. If the wedding day is a wedding outdoor party, the brides may wearing the floor length spring wedding dress to makes the bride looks sexy and romantic. Try to wear the fresh spring wedding dress color such as yellow color or green. The yellow colors will turns the bride in to the fresh look as the sunrise color and the green color will symbolize the freshness of the nature.

The spring wedding dress will looks great if the bridesmaid has a correlation color to the bridesmaids dress and so does to the flower girls dress. O not afraid to combine many colors, since the color will show off the happiness of the brides and grooms as the symbol of the spring wedding theme.

Full Color Dress

One tone color is the save choice to the bride, but it is good to wear full color dress. Full color dress doesn’t mean to combine many colors on the spring wedding dress, but to use more than one color, two or three colors is enough. The combination may appear on the ribbon on the spring wedding dress. If the bride is wearing yellow spring wedding dress, she may add a ribbon as the combination on the waist on the spring wedding dress.

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