Spring Summer Wedding Dressed Collection from Carolina Herrera

With ladylike touches and delicate textiles, Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2009 Bridal Collection collects everything a traditional bride wants. With flowers, ruffles and elegant silhouettes, take Herrera’s bridal wear bride wants to look ‘n feel nice and beautiful. Whether they get married to a white sand beach or in a large castle, is a woman safe magnificent. Collection Look Herrera is a tribute to prominent artists who work in fashion. Carolina Herrera Bridal Spring 2010 collection looks through the history of the extravagant details that come to define this kind of painting. Knife blows in the creation of Van Gogh’s sunflowers are obviously tactful new in Taft ruffles. Monet’s water lilies on English hand-painted tulle and Matisse paper cut in the leaves are embroidered duchess satin tulle on a column.

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