Spain Taste Wedding Dresses

At a Spanish weddings there isn’t a best-man grooms but instead they have a best woman – the groom’s mother, but worry not, she doesn’t have to give a speech. In the south of Spain summer weddings usually take place around seven or eight in the evening, as the oppressive heat of the day begins to pall a little.

Famous Spanish Wedding Dress Designers

* Pronovia – they also feature bridal miniskirts and trouser dresses.
* Rosa Clara – 1930s-inspired with fitted bodies and floaty skirts.
* Jesus Peiro – oriental inspirations made from silk, satin and lace.
* Lorenz Caprile – designed the wedding gown for the daughter of King Juan Carlos, and favours crepe and organza.
* Hannibal Laguna – likes asymmetrical lines, favoured by Victoria Beckham.
* Javier Larrainzer – likes plunging necklines, spaghetti straps and strapless designs.

If your desire is to get married in Spain then it makes why not buy your wedding dress there too, as many gowns in local shops may very well have come from Spain.

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