Royal Wedding Themes for Dream Comes True Wedding

Royal wedding themes are the hottest wedding theme since Princess Kate and Prince William held royal wedding party this year. Many women are dreaming to have the same theme for their wedding. Well, we can still have royal wedding themes for our weddings obviously and it is very easy to be applied to our wedding party. It will attract people attention and we will have the biggest wedding dream ever. Here are few tips to have royal theme for our wedding party.

Royal Wedding Themes on Wedding Dress

Royal wedding themes means we have royal wedding dress too. General royal wedding dress are glamoured witth beadings, crystals and other gemstones and pearls that suitable for every princess. Satins and chiffons are the most royal materials that are perfectly fit for royal wedding dress on royal wedding themes. Flowing veils and lone trains will give the royal look and we can pick classic style for our dress rather than having the most up date dress trend. Combine it with royal look alike tiara and our royal  wedding look will be completed.

Royal Wedding Themes and Colors

The royal wedding colors for royal wedding themeshas to be roper also. choosing the pastel colors, we have to choose bold colors such as blue, red, emerald green, purple and gold. Used to, there are colors that we can not use unless we are royal people. But nowadays we can use almost every color for our wedding day. As for the cake, we have to spend most of our money because the wedding cake is the most attractive ornaments in our wedding day.  Hand painted crest for our wedding cake can be a choice. Monograms can be a good idea too. We have to have several tiers and use gold colors, or silver to show the royal wedding themes.

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