Robert Abi Nader 2011 Wedding Dresses Collection

Robert Abi Nader has new inspiration and refined at the same time his couture craft. His feminism was a sure thing because of his wide and careful selection of beautiful fabrics from raw silk and organza with eyelet embroidery and English. There are a few designs with a pure sensual fabric bodice, which increase the transparency of the embroidery to sensuality, femininity, attractiveness and sex appeal to add to is to see the bride. Maybe not all related to show this idea, from the belly very clever or smart, especially since the A-line silhouette more classic, elegant and decent is formally provocative. But it fits perfectly with the Indian style! However, we seem to your opinions and thoughts on these outstanding Robert Abi Nader wedding dresses that look very rich, and look extravagant luxury. And this is meant primarily to the expensive materials, the fashion designer for his work experience.

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