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Red White and Blue Wedding Dress: Another Patriotic

Red white and blue wedding dress can be referred as a patriotic wedding dress. These colors are basic color of American flag which mean this wedding dress could be designed as American flag wedding dress. But you can make some differences on your wedding dress from American flag wedding dress. You also can design your own dress if you want than buy the custom wedding dress. To get some imagination before you design your own wedding dress there are some tips that can help out.

How to find a red white and blue wedding dress?

If you search for a custom red white and blue wedding dress is difficult. As you see combination of three colors is seldom in a wedding dress. There is one that contains three colors for the gown, American flag wedding dress. But if you still do not want to buy it you can try to make it on your way. A designed wedding dress is a solution to get a gown that you want. You can design your wedding dress in a bridal shop or using wedding dress creator in Using the wedding dress creator will give you an independent feel, because you are the designer and you will make the dress as you want.

Some tips before start to design your own red white and blue wedding dress

First, know your body type. All wedding dress in the fashion magazines or in the bridal shops’ site may not always be the right pattern to your body type. Wedding dress itself can make a sexy or romantic feeling when you wear it. Then find the right pattern for your body can evoke those feeling. The basic A-line wedding dress can form the base of the wedding dress and can be enhanced and ornamented with further moreover it suits most figures. Second, keep a collection of the styles that you have seen and liked. This collection will help you in choosing the styles of your red white and blue wedding dress. After that you can find a local store that has options of an in-house seamstress. Then you can talk about your wedding dress. Third, if you can do it by yourself it is better to get the latest sewing machine. Because the latest sewing machines are available in various computerized that are designed to make stitching easy to you.

Forth, choose the right fabric. Ensure that you pick the right fabric to your wedding dress because the cut of the dress has to match the fall of the fabric and the fabric must give convenient to you. Last, embellish the wedding dress on your own way. In this step you can give some details for your wedding dress. You can use beads, crystals, embroidery, sequins, and lace to decorate your red white and blue wedding dress and showing your patriotic wedding dress in beautiful way.

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