Over Size Wedding Decoration

Do not be afraid for your wedding. You can think of a over-size wedding decoration. The result can be magical. The important point to such a body is simply select an item. So, below, shows that only the round lights over size. The rest of the decor is simple and minimalist.

You can usually find the heart and decide that the most important point of your wedding decoration on his size. The dimensions have been exaggerated on purpose. This is the way to a visual impression. It can also be a way to get something in the room you do not like to hide. I mean, if you can not like the ceiling, your guests move to another area to move, thanks to this over-size wedding decoration. Perhaps some of your guests will be shocked if they think it is too much! It is rarely possible to satisfy everyone, even in a marriage! But one thing is certain, none of your guests about the size of the wedding decoration forgotten.

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