Motown Wedding Theme for Music Mania


Motown wedding theme can be one of our considerations for ou wedding party theme. Some people will choose the regional wedding theme according to their original place. Other couples may celebrate it with Cinco de Mayo, Christmas or even Valentine’s Day. Some surfers choose to have wedding party at the beach for Motown people, they might choose Motown wedding theme. Music lovers will very sitable for Motown wedding theme.

Motown Wedding Theme Mood Setting

The idea for Motown wedding theme is to go retro. It always work for everybody. Motown was found in 1960s. This is the inspiration era. We can research on what were the most popular color and room decoration and apply it to our Motown wedding theme party. Or we can also apply the black and white theme to resemble the bygone era with black and white piano. Or we can also apply gold color for the decoration. When we already chose one specific color to be aplied, then use it on brides and grooms suits and dress also to all of the chairs and decorations.

Motown Wedding Theme Music Mania

Since Motown wedding theme identic with musical theme, we can use musical decorations too. Do not use flowers as the decoration, we can use musical accents instead. We can put records, microphones, instrments, and then combine all of them with tulle and candles to make distinct centerpieces. Add muscial notes on the back of every chair. Use abum cover and posters as the decorations for walls. We can create our foods and drinks based on the Motown song titles such as Nothing Like The Real Thing Roasted Chicken, Second That Emotion Steak, My Girl’s Vegetables, etc.  We can have refrigerator magnets with this theme for the guests or we can give soap with musical notes to make it a unique Motown wedding theme.

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