Memorable Wedding Souvenirs and How to Make It


Memorable wedding souvenirs should reflect the wedding themes and the couples. To show appreciation to our guest we should make memorable wedding souvenirs from long lasting to edible keepsake souvenirs. To make memorable wedding souvenirs we should know things that we will need like small boxes, candy, ribbons and bows, candles, tags and ink pens. First we should make memorable wedding souvenirs as a reflection of us and our fiancé. For example we can make bows decoration to the small box of chocolate to reflect our career as pastry chef. We can buy the chocolate on a sale and freeze it until the big day comes.

The Design of Memorable Wedding Souvenirs

We can make our memorable wedding souvenirs by purchasing delicate yet small candles that match our wedding theme and personalize it with the labels and we also can include our name and our fiancé’s name to it and do not forget the date too. If we choose garden themed wedding, we can use seeds customized packet and tie a bow and paper punch on the top of this packet. For fun memorable wedding souvenirs casual feels we can set the candy up with the keepsake boxes and attach the silk flower, silk fall leaves, small holiday ornaments or paper butterflies at the lids box.

Message and Personal Touch for Memorable Wedding Souvenirs

We can add some message on our memorable wedding souvenirs like “thanks for making our day sweeter” and so on. It is becoem an option on small cany or small candle. Create the message that make our guest is memorizing our wedding days. Or we can state our names on the wedding souvenirs so they will always remember they day we bond our marriage with our love one. Choosing memorable wedding souvenirs is as important as choosing wedding dress and all. Things that can impress guests the last is memorable wedding souvenirs.

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