Medieval Wedding Theme and Decorations


Medieval wedding theme can be the choice for our wedding theme when we are the fans of The Lord of the Ring and medieval era movies. Who says wedding day has to be formal? We can make our own theme based on our favorite things. One of the considerations is medieval wedding theme. This theme will create an elegant yet historical atmosphere for the wedding. The romatism will be felf in the air as our wedding is on. If it is possible, we can choose castle for our wedding location. We can choose one medieval theme. Do we want to be King Arthur? Or we want Elf from Lord of the Ring trilogy?

Medieval Wedding Theme for Us

First, in medieval wedding theme we have to avoid white color. Blue can be used because it is a symbol of purity which is the tradition of Victorian era. We can wear blue ribbon on our waist and wear blue dress. We can wear flowers as our headwear instead of veil. Or we can choose to use weave flowers to be used in our hair. If we choose to make it on tailor, make sure we tell the tailor to make drop waists and princess lines for our dress on medieval wedding theme. As for men they are suitable for fur, belts, and gold and silver embroidery. Wear tunics, breeches, cloaks and stockings for the dress. The groomesmen do not need to match the groom suits.

Medieval Wedding Theme Backdrops

For medieval wedding theme backdrops we can use are church. But not necessarily church. We can also take other places for our wedding backdrop. We can choose courtyards or castle halls as our wedding ceremony backdrops. Even forest can be a good idea for our wedding backdrop. Other hoices are village squares and outside houses. Make sure we pick the hall or church that looks like castle or gothic place. Add flowers everywhere since in Crusade time flowers is the most important decoration and can be the symbol of our medieval wedding theme.

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