Japanese Wedding Ceremony


Traditional Japanese Wedding Ceremony

Do you know the Japanese wedding ceremony? Or do you now the series that are done in Japanese wedding ceremony? If you do not know about it, it is ok since this article will tell you about Japanese wedding ceremony and the series in this ceremony.

As we know that every country has its own culture and tradition, including Japanese. This tradition includes the different way of wedding ceremony, funeral ceremony, and many others. In wedding, Japan has its own tradition for this ceremony. Contemporary, Japanese wedding ceremony is done in various ways. It can be done traditionally and in modern way. Traditionally, Japanese wedding ceremony is held in Shinto and Shrine. Shinto in Japanese wedding ceremony is visited by the close family of bridal couple. Shrine, today takes place in the hotel. In Japanese wedding ceremony, the bridal couple wear traditional kimono. Here, the bridal couple is purified by drinking sake and the groom reads the words of commitments.


Rituals of Japanese Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony, the bridal couple comes to all guests and welcomes them. In this time, the reception is held. After welcome the guests, the next is the time for meal.  Cuisine provided in Japanese wedding ceremony is both traditional Japanese food and the modern one. After that, several guests give contribution for speeches, singing a song, and dancing together. During this Japanese wedding ceremony, the bridal couple, especially the bride may change the dress. The dress worn in the wedding ritual is different to dress for party. The dress for party is the modern one while for ritual is traditional dress. Then, at the end of the party, the bridal couple delivers their speech to all guests and thanks them all for coming having fun with them.

Japanese wedding ceremony is very unique and different to other. Its uniqueness can be seen from wedding dress, rituals, and also the place where the party takes place. Japanese wedding ceremony brings both traditional and modern ways. Or you interested to see Japanese wedding ceremony directly?

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