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Indian Wedding Attire

Indian weddings dresses are always marked with great pomp and show , so that they are loved worldwide . Besides dance, decoration and celebration , it is the Indian wedding dresses that add to the charm of the whole ceremony.

The types of Indian Wedding Dresses for Women:

Whether male or female, Indian wedding dresses are very elaborate . bride dress is supposed to be the show stealer in any Indian wedding , so it’s important to pay attention to even the smallest details when it comes to the bride wears . The bride usually wears red , but most brides these days have begun to experiment with colors like pink, orange , fuchsia and gold uniform .

According to the latest fashion , most women wear lehenga – choli ‘for the main wedding ceremony . Lehenga ‘ A ‘ is a heavy flared skirt spangled detailed work or gold thread embroidery . ‘s ‘ Choli ‘ is the matching blouse which can be created in a variety of fancy designs . ‘s ‘ lehenga ‘ is also available in a wide range of patterns and styles .

Some brides also like to use ‘ saris ‘ for the wedding ceremony . Due to its elegant appearance and simplicity , ‘ saris ‘ adds a magical touch to the beauty of a bride . Both saris ‘ and ‘ lehengas ‘ are available in different fabrics like chiffon , georgette and silk.

Types of Indian wedding dresses for men :

Indian dresses most popular wedding for men include ” Sherwanis ‘ ‘,’ Jodhpuri suits , ‘ kurta pajama ‘ and costumes. Sherwani ‘A’ is a traditional Indian dress that resembles a long embroidered coat . It is made of heavy cloth , and is used on a ‘ Kurta . The groom usually wears a ‘ Choodidar ‘ or form fitting pajamas with ‘ Sherwani . The ‘ Jodhpuri Suit ‘ is another great fusion of Indian wear and western . It has gained immense popularity among the Indian wedding dresses apparel in recent years.

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