2013 winter wedding dresses ideas

Ideas for 2013 Winter Wedding Dresses

2013 winter wedding dresses – More and more Wedding Dresses surrender to the charm of a winter landscape for your wedding day. No wonder, since the advantages of getting married in winter are many, and disadvantages, fewer and fewer…

From My Wedding Things, we propose a series of ideas and options to consider:

  • Choose long sleeve for 2013 winter wedding dresses: The dress with long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves can be just as beautiful, romantic and spectacular one sleeveless or strapless. Some famous as Leticia Ortiz, Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, Laura and Kate Ponto Midelton, bet on this option in their dresses.
  • Choose a dress detachable : There are several versions of dresses that have detachable accessories lace coat type , detachable sleeves , removable body , etc … that can be a very good option if you want to wear a strapless dress or strapless once the ceremony ends .
  • Choose a bolero: If you cannot resist more summery dresses, a good option is to complement your dress with a bolero with long sleeves, tulle or lace; you can take off once the ceremony ends and begin the feast or banquet.
  • Choose a shawl : This supplement is very versatile as you can dispose of it when you want and place it in several different ways : on the shoulders , fastened with a pin bridal knotted over one shoulder , across his chest and back with subject node or pin, etc …
  • Choose a stole: There fur stoles and synthetic leather ideal for brides of the coldest months of the year, or colder areas of the country. The fur stoles are always stylish and have the advantage that you can use after the wedding with virtually any look, does not have to be a party look or anything, in jeans and a tank top are spectacular.
  • Choose a jacket or coat layer: There are jackets, dress coats and coats in different fabrics such as cloth, satin, fine wool or skin, which can combine perfectly with a . We recommend that you choose one that will not break the cut of the dress, do not crush or very different in tone, as it will be as if I’d paid someone to get out of the car.

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