Ian Stuart 2011 Wedding Dresses and Gowns Collection

Stuart has excelled in this department is a selection of fabulous dresses in different styles. There is tulle and fairy tale dream Antoinette, the sculptural Lilibet and my personal favorite, Libertine – a ball gown style again worked fine strips with a modern French feel for the lovers of unique bride.For frills (and let’s face it, who does not balk?) Two great designs to choose from, choose the creamy and beautiful flowers and the murmur of a bomb ruffles Latino Costa Rica. For those who desire to come up approach and a modest, two extraordinary designs in this collection, with a high neck detail. For the bride to her Oriental heritage channel Tiger Lily, and for those looking for a long period drama for one day look no further than Darcy.

Stuart course is for his collection by bending and the use of materials it uses known signatures. There are different versions of the presentation of this talent, including origami (below left), Camellia (below and below right) Sydney (below left). There is also a very nice light and floral style that I love called Lucrezia (bottom right).

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