How to Make a Wedding Cake


Make a wedding cake our own will be an alternative to save our money. We also can determine the flavor that we like and add creative yet personal touch and accommodate special dietary as well. Before we make a wedding cake we should know about one or two things that we will need like wedding cake pans and cardboard. Make dowels or cardboard tubes optional. To make a wedding cake, first we should specify the batter that we need although some wedding cake pans have directions of how much batter that we will take. We can fill them with water about half full if our wedding cake pans didn’t have any measurement. And do not forget to take a measurement about water that we take, this is become the basic to shoot the batter.

Make a Wedding Cake with Recipe

If we have a single recipe to make a wedding cake, take it, since with this recipe we can make a measurement the amount of batter that we will take. After we get the number, we use this number to divide the batter that we may need for the large cakes. This number will determine the number of recipes that we will make. We can multiply this number by all the measurement in our recipe and mix up the cake, divide between or among the pans and bake it. Since the large cake will need longer time to cook, this will be the tricky step and the cake will fall if we open it too early. We can make a test to determine proper cooking times to make a wedding cake.

Make a Wedding Cake with Light and Window Oven

If we have an oven with a window and a light, to make a wedding cake, we can test the proper cooking times when the cake start to looks a bit brown on the top and we can take it out when a toothpick or fork that we insert it before is come out clean. Then we can make a circle cut with the cardboard size each of the layer of the cake. After we consider that the cake is cool, run around the knife outside of the pan and place on the top of the cake a circle cardboard and flip it and we can see the cake will get into the cardboard circle. Then we can decorate the cake to make a wedding cake.

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