Hijab Scarves and Veil Styles by Jailan Atef

Here is an interesting way to wear the veil and tiara sans high collar dress – stylishly wrapped around the hair and neck with a flower on the side as a point of interest. But the layers of tulle around the neck can be a bit warm to the tropical weather of the countries in the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia). Some beautiful creations stylists, makeup artists and designer scarf Jailan Atef.

Many women wear tiaras Malaysian on her wedding as the bride and groom are to cover as Raja sehari (literally royalty for a day) and wearing a tudung (head, what we call here) as set out their Princess Dream.

To get started, here are two ways in which a common hijabi princess in Singapore would take her hat with a tiara. Above her head scarf as a headband with a veil fan at the back of higher or decorated around the crown with a veil cascading. I like the rolled edges of the veil on the right side, next to the tiara. A bride would these styles with a high-necked dress pair.

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