gypsy wedding dress

Gypsy Wedding, joy, fun and purity

Gypsy wedding dress – Originally from northeast India and descendants of Egyptians, Gypsies have journeyed from the eleventh century, and by 1950 have begun to settle in different parts of Europe. Gypsy culture has assimilated and incorporating components of local customs of the place where they settled but still retain strong traditions intact and rooted, including wedding and celebration. Traditionally among Gypsies courtships and marriages were agreed and programmed by the parents of the contracting parties, but today are the couple who freely choose their partners. Then ask for a hand to the family of each and close the marriage agreement with coffee, fiances boyfriends are considered, are accepted by both families, and from there begin to think about the wedding preparations. Gypsies often marry very young, girls at age 14 are most likely already committed, and ready for marriage at 17 years. This means that since very small dream of your wedding with gypsy wedding dress , think about your long tail dress , the endless carpet of petals that will travel , the family celebration on a stretcher with his fiance, all loaded with joy , joy , singing and clapping , under a shower of coins and almonds symbolizing prosperity and happiness for the young couple. Depending on the region, are the customs of each group gypsy, there are weddings usually last days, which will look different suits and dresses, and where the parties seem endless, reigning forever the joy and jubilation.

The Roma community is always highlighted by the grand and magnificent wedding celebrations performed in honor of the link partners. Tradition states that the bride and groom getting married by Protestant or Catholic Church during the morning. The collective joy pervades good wishes and all the accompanying cacophony ceremony. There are regions where only taken the gypsy rite as valid. The brides wear the most luxurious and ornate costumes made ??especially for the occasion by renowned fashion designers who specialize proudly gypsy in making this type of dresses. By tradition, the gypsy wedding dress cannot be provided, and is usually purchased by the father. The bridal dress is composed of two dresses. Pink One goes under, symbolizing femininity, and a white symbolizing purity, which is above, and is the most noticeable and looks.


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