Garden Wedding Dress Collection by Atelier Aimee

Note that you can do during the personal style of a difference in your decision making, it is not the only factor in choosing your wedding dress involved droom garden. You have your budget, consider, and the garden wedding location. Atelier Aimée Lucia Zanotti is what do most brides this year, wedding dresses as the “Monte Napoleone style. States that it is the sum of all the international fashion trends: I was lucky enough to know the surroundings and the collections of the most important designers of our time in my professional life. I was lucky enough to know exactly think the world of wedding dresses and Versace to create with him. For this, I hope that the marriage of Aimee dresses of this style, breathes international, expensive and demanding, but clean and tight. This beautiful Italian creations from his class, quality and above all beauty. Impressive and unique, you are what do heads turn assured your big day.

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