Flowers for wedding reception

Flowers For Wedding Reception

Flowers for wedding reception can beautify and support you wedding color scheme. These flowers can be determined as your wedding theme is it a fall, summer, country, etc. there are available lots of types of flower arrangements for your wedding reception such as bouquets, boutonniere, table centerpieces, and accents pieces.

The types of arrangements of flowers for wedding reception

There are plenty types of flower arrangements that can be used as flowers for wedding reception. First, bouquets are the most requested type. This bouquets will be used for the bride, bridesmaids, or others female relatives of the newlyweds. Second, boutonnieres are small flower arrangements that often attach to jacket lapels and worn by the groom and men in wedding party. These flower arrangements can be unique and differ from other floral arrangements. Ensure the size, shape, and fragrance that may affect the comfort or the wearer. Third, table centerpieces are the flowers that are placed on the dinner table or reception table to dress up the tables. Last, accent pieces is usually used for beautify the wedding ceremonies and receptions. These flower arrangements can be hanged on the back of chairs or have a small spreads top the wedding cakes.

Flowers for wedding reception: how to make a DIY flower arrangement

Here are steps to make flowers for wedding reception as a flower arrangement. To start it you need some materials; 1-12” vase, a block of floral foam, three stems of delphiniums (peach and pink), 4 branches of peach blossoms, 7 stems of roses (peach or apricot), 3 stems of roses (white or cream), 5 stems of hydrangeas (purple and yellow), 3 sprays of camellias or mums, 2 stems of white or light pink roses with stamens, 3 stems of lilacs (purple-blue), 6 stems of lilacs (white-pink), 12 stems of fern, 2 yards of 2-1/2” satin wired ribbon, and 1 wired wood floral pick. Tools that will you need; wire cutters, serrated knife of floral knife, and scissors.

The first step to arrange is cut the floral foam to fit inside vase snugly. Second, insert the tallest stems first to determine the shape of arrangement. Third, taper the flowers down and fill out the arrangement with roses and lilacs. Forth, fill the empty space with fern. Last, make a ten inch wide, 4 loop bow with 11” tails and wire to a floral pick. Then insert in the front of the arrangement. Then these arranged flowers for wedding reception can be placed on the reception tables or dinner tables.

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