2014 Flower Girl Wedding Dresses

Flower Girl Wedding Dresses

Weddings Sometimes Are Not Complete Without Girls In Flower Girl Wedding Dresses

Not so long ago, it was customary to have a very young girl or one who was just entering teenager-hood attends you at your wedding. Quite often now, if children are from a previous marriage, they are included in the wedding party so that they don’t feel left out. Many little boys actually play a part in the wedding itself. They may be the ring-bearer instead of the best man or play some other little part.  Little girls in flower girl wedding dresses may only be there as an attempt to include them in the wedding, but they are usually gorgeous. Just, have a look at this fresh girl in beautiful flower girl wedding dress. The white frock with baby pink ribbon is really going well with pink flowers.

Flower Girl Wedding Dresses

Some of us like make-up on them and some do not. Some girls like their hair in some type of hairstyle, while others prefer the beautiful locks to be left loose. Much can be done with longish little girl’s hair. If it has ringlets or curls, ribbons can be weaved through strands, or a garland of matching flowers to the bride’s bouquet. Some even have a miniature veil, especially if the little girl is the bride’s own daughter. Simplicity is best for all flower girls. The below image is a perfect example of innocent flower girl.

Cute Flower Girl Wedding Dresses

Flower girl wedding dresses can be a match to the bride’s wedding dress, or they can be a contrast to the bridesmaids. These dresses are equally as hard sometimes to source as the perfect wedding dress, but you shouldn’t be concerned about that, with all the fantastic ideas and designs you can find on the Internet these days. If you want your tiny flower girl to glow, sometimes it is better to keep the dress fairly plain and use bracelets, watches, garlands, wide sashes and maybe your own design as a keepsake for the child after the wedding is over. Children can enjoy this a great deal. Little girls love to twirl and show their dresses off, so you can add petticoats to make them able to do this, rather than have the dress sit flat. Most of the time, flower girls like to wear dresses exactly like of a bride. This is a good way to show their association with bride.

Best Flower Girl Wedding Dresses

Although you might like to have the little girl in any color other than white, you can find some absolutely adorable flower girl wedding dresses in white, which will not steal attention from the bride. Decorate the dress, if it is at all plain, with sparkly costume gems, or, if you think that might be a little on the heavy side and no use later on, with a wide sash in a color that matches the bridesmaid’s or even a particular flower in your bouquet. Dresses that have the pattern matched by that in your veil if you plan to wear one are also gorgeous. Of course, a slightly older young girl, especially on who are perhaps 10 or 12, may look better in a smaller version of the bridesmaid’s dresses, with something different, such as holding different flowers from the others.  This young lady in white flower girl dress is giving you the best image of how to dress up in a flower girl dress.

2014 Flower Girl Wedding Dresses

Heels can be a problem, not just for your flower girl, but for all your bridal party. If you have a flower girl just growing into teenager-ship, she might well feel insulted if you choose flat shoes for her, even should they be a stylish color. Kitten heels suit smaller girls, and are easy for them to learn to walk in. Besides, they suit all heights. Most flower girls wedding dresses look all the better with a slight heel under them.

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