Fall wedding decoration ideas 3

Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

Fall wedding decoration ideas can use red, orange, brown, or yellow color and combination of them with full beautiful leaves or flowers. The color for decoration resemble the view of fall season makes more beautiful your wedding. What do you need to prepare your fall wedding are bellow.

Fall wedding decoration ideas: references for wedding reception table

Here are some references for fall wedding decoration ideas in decorating the reception table. First, for classic view using brown, orange, yellow, and re as color scheme. For setting the table starts with brown linens, burnt orange napkins, and brown thatch charger, and try twig-like flatware with ivory plates. To make the centerpiece can be made of willow branches and plenty of fall wedding flowers. Second, the modern view using brown and yellow for color scheme. To start use brown table linens, brown napkins, and bold yellow chargers. For simple minimalist get yellow-tinted glass plates for the first course. Use calla lilies in cool modern vases for the centerpiece of reception table with a few small votive candles.

Fall wedding decoration ideas: how to decorate

First of all for fall wedding decoration ideas you need to prepare baskets, apples, pumpkins, wheat, leaves, fall flowers, scented candles, raffia, grapevine wreaths, miniature pumpkins, and cinnamon sticks. Second, fill the baskets with apples, miniature pumpkins, and stalks of wheat. Carve small holes in pumpkins and use them for candle holders. Third, fill your wedding with fall colored flowers such as orange roses, sunflowers, red, orange, and gold daisies or bunches of fall windflowers. Mix wheat in with bouquets adds another little fall touch. Forth, light candles that evoke the scents of fall and place them on the tables during the reception.

Gather materials such as raffia and grapevine to decorate. This can be placed in reception tables or pews. Dress up the aisle with miniature pumpkins at the end of pews or row of seats. Tie the fresh cinnamon sticks with raffia and place on the table tops will smell wonderful and have fall look to them. All of them can be used by you as your fall wedding decoration ideas.

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