Enamor Spring Wedding Dresses 2014

Marriage is a sacred and important and unforgotten event. Therefore, for the event we definitely want to make it memorable. Mainly for you, ladies. Wedding dress is an important thing in a bride’s appearance. Is that right?

If you want to find enamor spring wedding dresses 2014 design that will be the trend in 2014, here the place!

Here I will present some ideas famous wedding dress designers in the world.

1. Vera Wang

Silk wedding dress with ivory white color be an attractive option and is expected to be the spring wedding dresses 2014 trend. Silk is translucent, so appropriate to the trend from year to year. Vera Wang is more interested in combining silk design with black, corset, and black gloves. A combination of charming and does not eliminate the impression of elegant.

Silk dress with V -neck mermaid model with hand wrapped black gloves.

She also still uses lace to bring the classic impression of the design. Made without sleeves, lace was made to accent the whole dress with standing collar. Suitable for those of you who have a long neck.

If you want to explore your waist, you can use a Vera Wang design with black and strapless bubble skirt with draped accents in hand.

Another interesting feature is the design of Vera Wang mermaid gown with trapunto ottoman silk, satin bodice, organza skirt with tulle overlay. Integrated bubble beautiful black lace with collar neck t – shirt.

2. Marchesa

In contrast to Vera Wang, Marchesa further highlight the skirt accent. She combines design mermaid, organza, A – line and a bubble skirt that is in demand by women.

All the designers of the world does have a mature character. One of them is Marchesa. She was very brave to explore parts of the female body so that when the marriage took place, accent the dress she show reflects the details of the bride’s body.

She also combines her dress with lace. Lace style is not dead.

Lace and silk blend is a perfect mix.

For spring dresses that I have seen from Marchesa design, she has design skirt below the knee length. Combined with lace that she made ??pleats on her hips. Her hands were wrapped in lace are sewn together with the main dress. If you have small hips, is perfect with this design.


This is just a little review about spring wedding dresses 2014. On another occasion I will add it. Hopefully you are interested!

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