Elegant Classic Wedding Dress From Valentini Sposa

Valentini Sposa is a name of designer of many wedding dresses. In every year, there are collections of wedding dresses that he makes. Classic touch is a thing which occurs in almost all of his collections. It is because he is a person who loves the blend between classical and innovative touch which will make his collections to be those which have special elegant looks in it.

The Elegant Classic Wedding Dress, Valentini Sposa becomes the main theme of his collection in the year of 2011. In making this collection he does not always use the color of white as the whole color of the dresses that he makes. It does not also mean that the dresses are made in colors which are too flashy. Instead, white still become the main color of the dresses. One thing which is different is that there are some interesting details which are attach on the dresses.

One example of the details which is created by Valentini Sposa is the beautiful artificial flower which is made from red ribbon which is attached on the waist of the dress number 38 and 39 in his 2011 collection. Although it is very simple, it has the ability to make the dress to be more elegant and beautiful. Besides, it also leaves the image of monotonous wedding dress which is usually made in the color of white for the whole parts of the dress. It of course can be used as an inspiration for those who are about to get married.

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