Don't Wear Makeup When Trying on Wedding Dresses 2

Don’t Wear Makeup When Trying on Wedding Dresses

Many of us may think that we need to see what the wedding dresses we choose to try on look like when we are wearing our wedding make-up. Not a very good idea. The best way to go try on wedding dresses is with no makeup at all, unless you want to spend a great deal of extra money having the dress cleaned after you have got it off again. Many bridal stores may even make you buy the dress that has been stained because they now have to either have it cleaned professionally or take a large cut in the price, depending on how big the mark is.

Don't Wear Makeup When Trying on Wedding Dresses

So use talcum powder or baby powder for deodorant the day you go to try wedding dresses on. A lot of antiperspirants will start to liquefy under the heat of you and the dresses. Anxiety will beat the best antiperspirant and almost everyone is anxious when choosing a wedding gown, unless you are having it specially made for you. Or simply go without deodorant until you have finished trying the wedding dresses on and apply it then. If you have showered and dried properly, you should not start to smell for several hours afterwards and talcum or baby powder will absorb quite a bit of moisture.

Don't Wear Makeup When Trying on Wedding Dresses 2

Make-up stains. Although it seems a pale shade on you, or like your own skin tone, on a white dress, it will look like charcoal placed on snow.  Keep your make-up off for that day alone. Even skin oils can mark an expensive dress after many people have tried it on and you don’t want to be the last person to sample it, otherwise you are possibly the one who will have to pay the cost to clean it or even buy it. To make matters worse, natural fibres like silk will mark a lot more quickly than man made ones such as polyester as they are porous.

Don't Wear Makeup When Trying on Wedding Dresses 3

Lipstick is another no-no when you are trying on wedding dresses. It does not matter how careful you are when slipping into the dress, you usually cannot help brushing your lips with the material. Even gloss or sunscreen coating will mark a dress, so try not to have anything at all on your face or body when trying wedding dresses on. To make matters worse, lipstick is very prone to smearing when you try to remove it, so this vital element of your applications for the day should be forgotten until you have finished with the dresses for that day.

Don't Wear Makeup When Trying on Wedding Dresses 4

If you really cannot bear facing the day without anything on your face or body, then be very careful of how you step into and out of the wedding dresses. Take some cotton buds or stain removal wipes with you. Above all, do not attack the stain violently. You will just spread it. Instead dab the mark carefully and work from the outside in. Sprinkle talcum powder on it first, then wipe carefully after a minute or two. Above all, do not pause to renew your make-up in-between wedding dresses.

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