Disney Princess style wedding dresses

Disney Princess Inspired Wedding Dresses

Disney princess inspired wedding dresses was showcased in a fashion exhibition held at the National Bridal Market in Chicago. The theme of that prestigious event was ‘Disney Fairy Tale Wedding’. This event was held by Alfred Angelo.  The inspiration of his wedding dress was the style and personality of seven iconic Disney. Those seven Disney Princesses are of Ariel, Aurora of Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, and Tirana.

For example of an Ariel’s gown, the feature of this dress is embroidered lace that is combined with pearl beading as well as a sequin sparkle. The sleeping beauty gown is featured with the willowy skirt. For Belle, there is draped waistline that is inspired from ballroom dance scene. The freedom and individuality look can be seen from Jasmine’s gown. This gown is made off soft satin that is combined with necklines and low cut back. While Snow White’s gown is more natural for its one shoulder taffeta gown. For independent spirit, we can see it from Tirana’s gown that has symmetric bodice and ruche skirt. Lastly, Cinderella’s gown is elegant for it radiating sparkle around.

Each gown has characteristics that have their own distinct features and makes the bride as dreamy as her favorite Disney Princesses. Are you inspired by the Disney princess wedding dresses?

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