Check the Average Cost of Wedding Cake Before You Buy

Check the Average Cost of Wedding Cake Before You Buy

Average cost of wedding cake depends on some matters. These matters are based on cake icing, decorating, layer structure, shape, size, amount that can be served, and cake topper. It is not amazing if the cost is still expensive. But you can reduce the cost of the wedding cake by using some alternatives.

Average cost of wedding cake: the factors that determined those cost

Based on typical cost the average cost of wedding cake is $543, According to The Bridal Association of America. But most bakeries and pastry chefs charge the cost by the slice. Fr low-end option would be a smaller tiered cake in chocolate or vanilla paired with a sheet cake for cutting for around $1.50 a slice. For mid-range two-or three-tiered cake in standard flavor such as chocolate and vanilla with butter cream icing and minimal fondant decorations can be $5 or $6 a slice. For high-end multi-tiered gourmet cake with flavored filling, fondant icing and elaborate fondant, gum paste and sugar decorations can be $10 or more a slice. If you want to give additional decoration would charge additional cost for the decoration. Fondant that can cover a cake in a smooth, satiny shell is one of the most expensive.

How to reduce cost of wedding cake compared to average cost of wedding cake

When you do survey to some bakeries for wedding cake you may find they are very expensive for the high-end decoration. Because average cost of wedding cake is expensive you need to find a way to reduce the cost but can give a perfect wedding cake for your wedding ceremony. Here are some tips to reduce the cost of the wedding cake. First, you can bake your wedding cake by yourself or find people who bake the cakes from their homes or culinary students who bake wedding cakes. After that you can ask the baker to estimate the size of your cake based on the amount of the guests. Second, for decoration of your cake keep it simple.

You can bake the cake by yourself and find a bakery that offers decorate only services. Or you can buy pre-decorated cakes and you can decorate it with fresh petals, fresh flowers, sugar flowers, beads, ribbons, and marzipan or ask a florist to decorate the cake with real flowers. Last, ensure the others cost before ordering the cake. You can ask delivery fee, rental of cake stands, set up fee, charges for extra fillings, comparing your guests amount with the cake size so you can change the size, option to pay you cake, discount if there any, and is the price can increase for the specific amount of guests. After considering these costs you can make average cost of wedding cake for your own and can make it lower.

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