Wedding Decorations

5 Creative Wedding Invitations

a movie poster wedding invitation card

Get inspired with these 5 creative wedding invitations! You may find the traditional invitation card, though matching with your themes and colours, not able to lift up the weddingly spirit you want to create.  And a lifeless invitation card  would usually be discarded once received and replied.  To make an impression and become memorable for your guests, feel inspired to ...

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Wedding Cupcake & Mini Cupcake

bride and groom design wedding cupcakes

We finally had a chance to sample tasting some yummy wedding cupcake.  We came to conclude that we will use cupcake fir our wedding for 3 reasons. First, there would be less waste in left over cakes that eventually go to dumpster. With cupcakes, guest can simply bring the cupcake home if they don’t finish the cake at the reception. ...

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Floral Wedding Package

Floral wedding package

Floral wedding package is a basic concept of a full wedding use flowers that decorate the entire wedding decorations. This makes the atmosphere is so festive because almost the entire theme of the room, costumes, decorations synonymous with variety of flowers. Design is commonly used and applied in the countries in the world. Which makes this interesting is the design ...

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Tips for Choosing Wedding Dresses for Body Types

Wedding dresses for body types is something that cannot be separated if you want to have a wedding party. It becomes a problem if you make a mistake in choosing your wedding dresses. The suitable dresses are the dresses that you are comfortable in using it. So, dress fitting is needed before you hold on the party. Here are some ...

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Fall Wedding Flower Arrangements

Fall wedding flower arrangements 2

Fall wedding flower arrangements will make your wedding different. Besides it can be the best representation of the season, Wedding flower for every season is also one of the ways to save the wedding budget, especially on wedding flowers. People  think that if they choose the wedding flowers that are appropriate to the season, it will be very attractive. It ...

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Fresh Black Roses: A New Good Choice for Memorable Wedding

Fresh black roses

Fresh black roses are very unique and different. As we know that wedding flower is one of the most important thing in wedding. That is why there are many people looking for wedding flower that is beautiful since they want to make their wedding as the most memorable moment in their life. But, as long as this time, people only ...

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Orchid Wedding Arrangements

Orchid Wedding Arrangements 2

Orchid Wedding Arrangements is a design wedding decorations using flowers of orchids. This is a new concept and is being popularized by many countries in the world, especially in Britain, the United States, Netherlands and many other states. Flowers enthusiasts prefer this orchid because orchids are the flowers that can last a long time and has thousands of species that ...

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