Carnation wedding bucket

Carnation Wedding Bucket: How to make it?

Carnation wedding bucket is chosen by many people in recent days. This kind of wedding bucket is regarded as one of the most beautiful wedding bucket. This carnation bucket for wedding will make the wedding more precious. This bucket has features that are as beautiful and attractive as the other wedding bucket. Then, what are the features and the superiority of this wedding bucket. For knowing it, don’t stop reading!

Benefits of Carnation wedding bucket

Carnation wedding bucket is a kind of extremely sturdy flower. This wedding bucket consists of so many colors. It eases us to choose the colors that are suitable to our wish. Besides, this bucket is also easy to work ad arrange. It is not the only benefits of this bucket. There is one more thing that is the benefit of this bucket. This wedding bucket is also one of the cheapest wedding buckets. It makes us can save more money. Even though the price is cheap enough, it does not mean that this flower is less of attractiveness. This kind of bucket is as beautiful as the other bucket. So, how can we have it? Don’ worry, today there are many shops selling this bucket. Besides, we can also make it by ourselves. Below are steps on how to make this bucket.

How to make carnation wedding bucket?

Actually, making this Carnation wedding bucket is easy enough. In making this bucket, there are some steps that should be followed. The first step in making this bucket is prepare the equipment for making carnation bucket; ribbon, floral tape, pearl pins, scissors, and clippers. The second step is prepping the carnation head. Then, we have to remove the undesired foliage from the stems. After it is done, we begin start to shape the bouquet. It can be done by selecting three nice shaped bloom and hold them together in triangular shape.

Then, we can secure the three stems by using floral tape. It is used for foundation of the bouquet shape. Here, we can also add more carnations to the original tree. After that, we can start to embellish the bucket by using some accessories, such as ribbon, pearl pins. After knowing the steps of how to make this bucket, are you ready to make this Carnation wedding bucket?

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